Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

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Welcome to our Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation Online Short Course! This course does not cover or require knowledge of web design, although it complements this aspect. Various aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are covered in this course, and the final evaluation requires you to do a basic evaluation of an existing website, commenting on the successful implementation of relevant SEO elements (or lack thereof).

why should you enrol for this course?

It is possible that you are interested in this course simply because you want to find out more about SEO. Or maybe you are already a web designer, and realised that SEO is actually a separate field to web design, and requires special skills and knowledge. Knowledge of SEO is important, since many businesses need their website(s) to rank well on search engines, to ensure many visitors and a high return on investment. Regardless of your interest and motivation, this course will expose a very interesting angle of websites and search engines to you. It will enable you to do a basic evaluation of a given website in terms of SEO.

0 | Orientation Module

1 | Search Engines and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

2 | Website Analytics

3 | Links and Content Generation

4 | Webpage Text-based SEO Elements

5 | Spamdexing and SE Algorithms

6 | SEO & PPC = SEM

7 | Website Evaluation – SEO Audit

8 | Wrap Up

course video

F. Weideman

course author

Prof. Weideman is the founder and leader of WARC – the Website Attributes Research Centre at CPUT. He graduated with a Doctorate in Information Science from the University of Cape Town in 2001. His publications have covered topics including website visibility, website usability, search engines, Internet marketing, and information retrieval. He was appointed as an Associate Professor in 2004, and a full Professor at CPUT in 2008, and is an NRF rated researcher.

Online Course Facilitator

This online short learning programme will be facilitated by an industry subject matter expert, who will share their experience and in-depth knowledge throughout the programme. Your Online Course Facilitator will contribute to Discussion Forums and provide you with in-depth feedback on all your assessments.

What will you need?
Basic requirements To successfully access and complete this course, you will be required to have a registered email account, access to a computer/laptop/tablet and stable internet connection. You will be required to be familiar with using a computer as you may need to be able to read and download documents in Adobe PDF Reader, view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and read and create documents in Microsoft Word. Please note: Google and YouTube may be used in our online course delivery. If any of these services are blocked in your jurisdiction, you may have difficulty in accessing our course content.
How will you learn?
Our online short learning programmes are broken into self-paced manageable modules, designed to assist you throughout your learning process through diverse learning activities:
  • Work through all your interactive course notes
  • Review supplementary resources
  • Apply what you have learned in each module with the self-grading quizzes and assignment submissions
  • View a range of course video lectures presented by our Subject Matter Experts and infographics
  • Collaborate and interact with your fellow participants via the discussion forum
What will you gain?
On the successful completion of this short learning programme, you will get the recognition of your knowledge and skills with a Damelin Certificate of Competence. You will be required to complete a series of assessments that will be facilitated through our Online Campus. All your course assessments and submissions will be available to you in your course handbook. Your course handbook will be made available once you commence your short learning programme. Your Certificate of Competence will be issued in your registered name and couriered to you at no additional cost.
Academic and Technical Support
With the freedom that online education brings, Damelin Future Studies students can upskill in their own time, from almost anywhere on earth. Well, anywhere where the internet is accessible, that is. But although our students may roam far and wide, they are never far out of our mind. Each course is assigned its own Online Academic Tutor, who is ready and waiting to guide and assist their learners throughout their learning experience.

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