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Future-proof your skills in a digital savvy world with our industry-relevant online short courses.
Courses that are accessible and affordable – all online
Our online short courses are curated and designed by leading industry experts. Throughout your learning journey, you will be guided by facilitators and supported by a team of online academic tutors.

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In recent years, emerging technologies have caused global disruption in the marketplace. With the rise of technology advancements, the need to upskill the South African workforce expertise has been a requirement to ensure our relevance in the global market.

Damelin Future Studies is an online educational brand, curating and delivering premium online short courses specifically designed for the technologically curious individual.

Damelin Future Studies offers an array of online short learning programmes, specialising in front-end and back-end development, mobile development, and web development.

Damelin Future Studies enables you to get into the digital world of information technology with the right help. We provide courses that target your heart as much as your career with education as common purpose. We help you break the limitations into a world that is beyond the one you live in. Our courses are presented through an innovative online learning platform – our Virtual Learning Environment – and facilitated by industry experts to enable you to embrace a future-proofed world.


We are building an online pedagogy that is effective in teaching information technology (IT) skills, providing our students with the ability to access the necessary skills and expertise to enter the information technology market.